Show #207 with Steve & Dylan


Steve Andrew, Nick and Dylan Crowder

Steve Andrew, Nick and Dylan Crowder

he Stone Sugar Shakedown was scheduled to be in the basement  for Show 207, but due to a vehicular malfunction after last night’s gig at The Locker Room, they had to head back to St. Louis before the show. Steve Andrew (St. Pat’s Board at MS&T) and Dylan Crowder (Somewhere Else Bar & Grill) paid us a surprise visit. Steve gave the listeners an update about what’s going on in the planning stages for the 2015 Best Ever St. Pat’s and Dylan shared what’s coming up at Somewhere Else.

We did play a couple of of SSS songs, though AND we’ve got some good stuff from:

As ALWAYS, it’s gonna be a GOOD TIME!



  1. It’ always fun to have visitors. This is not Dylan’s first visit, and something tells me it won’t be his last!

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