The Faceless Enemy by As Shadows Collapse – A Basement Tapes Review

Faceless Enemy by As Shadows CollapseHailing from Lebanon, MO, As Shadows Collapse is a heavy metal band that makes it obvious they have something to prove and nothing to lose. Having never heard them before, I was expecting great things from this band and at first I wasn’t sure if it could be delivered.

The metal world is getting bigger and better everyday. To make a sound that still resembles that of a particular genre, and also create a sound that stands out enough to make a name for an up and coming band, is no easy task. That being said, when I delved into the six song EP “The Faceless Enemy” by As Shadows Collapse, I was instantly aware that this band was much more serious than I had expected and had definitely found a way to stay in the metal arena while still carrying a unique sound. With thunderous guitars, amazing vocals and some of the fastest drum footwork I’ve heard in a very long time, I’d say it’s time for As Shadows Collapse to put up their tray-tables and strap on the seat-belts. They’re going up real soon.

If these guys were playing in the same arena with As I Lay Dying and Lamb of God they’d be a bitter opponent and would even top them in many battles. The back and forth of vocals from lead singer Travis Box gives an amazing blend of a thick primal scream and throaty clean lines. Guitarists, Joe, Dusty, and Brandon have mixed a massive sounding array of breakdowns, rhythm changes, and solos to create a conglomeration of the extremely heavy power playing with the typical layered sound one is accustomed to hear in a modern metal recording. Lastly, drummer Matt Sherman must be cheating or eating his Wheaties, because the speeds at which the double bass is pounding through this EP are astonishing. Put them together and you’ve got a recipe for a mean face melting plate of metal!

With a professional music video for the song “Knowledge is Power” and this CD on the table, venues should be knocking on their doors to get them in front of a crowd. While they’re still working on a release date you can check them out on YouTube, or, of course, in person. According to their Facebook they’ll have a CD release date and a single within the coming weeks. So keep an eye on this band and definitely an ear. You won’t regret having “The Faceless Enemy” as a part of your music library.

By Maddog

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