Show #263 with Will the Thrill

Will_The_Thrill_-_Sorry_To_Disappoint_Ya_Cover_largeNick & Bootsy had a chat via phone with Willie Aguilar of Will the Thrill. Will currently hails from St. Louis, but has lived ALL OVER. He’s left friends and family behind during his moves, but the music has always traveled with him. We had a great talk and heard some tunes from Will the Thrill’s most recent project, “Sorry to Disappoint Ya!” If you’d like to hear about what the band has in store for you during 2016, listen to the podcast and hear Will tell you about it!

It’s been an “On the Road” weekend for Nick and Bootsy as musicians. Nick joined Mick Byrd and Joe Dunlop at the St. James Veterans Home, then headed to Salem where Bootsy strapped on that left-handed Peavey Millenium to pay some tunes with Cathy Williams, Laura Coe and Erin Cain in the chick band, CaBoot’L, at the Roadhouse. CaBoot’l manager, Dale Williams, hosted a Poker Run to benefit friend, Matt, who was recently in a serious motorcycle accident. Matt wasn’t able to join the Poker Run, but he was at the finish line at the Roadhouse. The benefit raised almost $400 to help Matt out with his medical expenses. We were glad to see him on his feet – banged up but beaming!

CaBoot’L would like to thank Fuzzyhappy for showing up early at the Roadhouse to catch their set. Fuzzyhappy played at the Roadhouse during the evening.

Before heading home, it was off to Shots in Rolla where M. Arose and Various Hands were playing. Yep, it was a GREAT weekend for local music!

In addition to Will the Thrill, there was plenty of music in the Basement to soak your earholes:

  • M. Arose
  • Various Hands
  • The Invisible World
  • Pyramids on Mars
  • The Soap Girls
  • Johnny Fox
  • Fuzzyhappy (Bootsy’s Band of the Week)
  • Eric Czar (Nick’s Pic)
  • Matt Van Kirk
  • B.K. Gray
  • and Nick Thomas!

The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy is a weekly radio show that originates live in Rolla, Missouri at K-KID 92.9fm and is also recorded and posted online as a podcast. Nick & Bootsy play music from local, independent bands & musicians from across the world – after all, everybody is local to somewhere!

Intro to The Basement Tapes with Nick& Bootsy is In the Basement (Part 2) by Etta James & Sugarpie DiSanto. We don’t own any copyrights to the music we play on The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy other than our own original tunes. Those are owned by the artists. If you like what you hear, please buy it!

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