Show #249 with Mick Byrd & the Backroad Band

Mick Byrd and the Backroad Band

Mick Byrd, Joe Dunlap and Ray Spiller

We always enjoy having Mick Byrd in the Basement and Show #249 was no exception. Besides bringing along the lovely Debbie Byrd, Mick also brought along Joe Dunlap (guitar) and Ray Spiller (cajon) with him this time. Nick even got in on the acoustic action with a little harmonica backup.

In addition to some great live acoustic tunes from Mick & the boys, we shared some other good stuff to tickle you ears:

  • T.R.O.Y. (The Reality of Yourself)
  • Motives in Motion
  • Sexdrugsrocknroll
  • The Gray Brothers Band
  • ClusterPluck
  • David Dearnley
  • Anthony Gomes (Bootsy’s Band of the Week)
  • Dorothy Guinn
  • The 24th Street Wailers
  • The Lucy Hammond Band
  • Noah Wotherspoon
  • The Glass Cavalry

Nick’s Pics for Show #249 are from Spooky Tooth!


  1. What a great time we had with Mick, Joe & Ray. I can’t leave Debbie out either. She was sharing video on FB during the show and taking photos. We also enjoyed having Chris Keehn come hang with us, even though he needed to shave and was wearing a goofy fishing hat (we love you, Chris!)

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