Show #242-Paralandra from Springfield, MO

ParalandraCassandra Carson (lead vocals/guitar) and Nick Gray (drums) of the Springfield, MO band – Paralandra – joined Nick and Bootsy in the Basement for Show #242 via phone. Cassandra and Nick filled us in on how Paralandra got together as a band, where they’ve been and where they’re going! Members Paul Carson (Cassandra’s dad and lead guitar) and Josh Pool (bass) would have been proud of them!

Besides sharing some original tunes by Paralandra, we also played music by:

  • Broken Chords (Hertfordshire, UK)
  • Exit World (Chicago, IL)
  • Fuzzyhappy (Rolla, MO)
  • Rum Drum Ramblers (St. Louis, MO)
  • Brad Strang (McBride, BC, Canada)
  • Mars Needs Guitars (Alton, IL)
  • John Galbraith & The Broken Promises (Columbia, MO)
  • Next 2 the Tracks (Texas & New Mexico)
  • ChristiAna (Waynesville, MO)
  • Hyland Drive (Sudbury, ON, Canada)

Instead of Bootsy’s Band of the Week, we turned the mics over to Cassandra and Nick for Paralandra’s Bands of the Week:

  • The Many Colored Death (Coloumbia, MO)
  • Silvertung (Baltimore, MD)
  • The Reality of YOU AKA T.R.O.Y. (Springfield, MO)

Nick’s Pics this week were from Dave Alvin. One of the tunes Nick picked was Sinful Daughter, one of our favorite tunes to perform live and one we DID perform live at Rolla’s Lions Club Park earlier in the day during the Family & Cancer Foundations Unite benefit for the Bobbi Jo Newkirk Cancer Foundation and the Brayden Kress Tharp Foundation.

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