Show #230 with Fuzzyhappy of Rolla

Justin, Ricky & Donnie of Fuzzyhappy with Nick & Bootsy after Show #230.

Justin, Ricky & Donnie of Fuzzyhappy with Nick & Bootsy after Show #230.

Show #230 is the first show of Spring 2015! We’ve got Fuzzyhappy hanging out and playing some live original, acoustic tunes for us. According to their bio on Reverbnation:

“The twisted three headed clambering monstrosity known as fuzzyhappy first appeared in central Missouri sometime around 2005. Rumor has it the freakish sin against nature is some sort of Ozarkian evolutionary throwback or possibly the result of inbreeding. The first sightings were at keg parties and hootenannies in the most backward backwoods in Phelps and Dent counties. Later, the lumbering sonic behemoth showed up at pubs, roadhouses and bars of all sorts leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The creature then disappeared from the radar for a few years. Rumor has it that it retreated to its lair where it only got fuzzier, and happier. Now the sightings have started again. The beast’s distinctive call has been described as fuzzed up garage rock with a healthy dose of grunge and punk with just a touch of rockabilly.”

AND we’ve got recorded music from:

Nick’s got something you’re REALLY gonna like for Nick’s Pics, too, so tune us in and turn us up!

Intro to The Basement Tapes with Nick& Bootsy is In the Basement (Part 2) by Etta James & Sugarpie DiSanto. We don’t own any copyrights over the artists we play on The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy. If you like what you hear, please buy it.


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