Show #229-Miles from Nowhere

Miles from Nowhere with Nick & Bootsy

Nick, Brandi, Doug, Bootsy, Nate, Don & Jordan

Yep, they’re back – Miles from Nowhere  – Brandi and the boys produce some of the sweetest harmonies we’ve ever heard. The band practices in the country-politan area of Plato, Missouri, but they’re from various locations in and around Phelps county, Missouri. Besides songbird, Brandi Niebruegge Couch, the band also showcases the many musical talents of Don Bordwell (guitar, banjo, vocals); Nate O’Donnell (guitar, vocals); Doug Caldwell (guitar, banjo, vocals) and Jordan Damewood (percussion). Most of the tunes the band plays are written by Doug and Don, but they do pick their favorite cover tunes from a variety of genres. They performed Purple Rain by Prince on the show!

We’ve got more music to go along with the live acoustic tunes by Miles from Nowhere:

Nick salutse St. Pat’s 2015 with a tune from Irish band, Thin Lizzy, and “a rocky Scottish jig” from English band, Slade.

NOTE: Intro to The Basement Tapes with Nick& Bootsy is In the Basement (Part 2) by Etta James & Sugarpie DiSanto. We don’t own any copyrights over the artists we play on The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy. If you like what you hear, please buy it!

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