Show #227-Fun with Nick & Bootsy

Nick & Bootsy on Valentine's Day 2015.

Nick & Bootsy on Valentine’s Day 2015.


Collin Nash had planned to be in the basement with Nick & Bootsy, but a gig at The Tater Patch in Rolla was calling his name, so he did what performing musicians do – he went to the Patch and entertained the crowd! Collin will be in the basement on Sunday, March 8, so mark it on your calendar.

Heard on Show #227 of The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy:

  • Not A Planet
  • Band 13
  • Mad Libby
  • Little Big Box
  • Of Tall Tales
  • RoninMusicUk
  • 6 Prong Paw
  • 3D in your face
  • Strangefellas
  • Black Mountain Moan
  • Broken Suns of Karma
  • The Glass Cavalry
  • Blanket Party
  • Funky Butt Brass Band
  • The Green Music Brothers

and as always – Nick’s Picks and one by our own Nick Thomas Blues!

This week’s Nick’s Pics are from The Crazy World of Arthur Brown:


The Bridge

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