Show #226 with Bliss Hippy

Bliss Hippy with Nick & Bootsy in the Basement for Show #226

Charlie’s Angels ain’t got nothin’ on Maureen & Bootsy. Just ask Richard and Nick!!

In the basement with Nick & Bootsy for Show #226: It’s those tie-dyed hippies from Rolla – Richard & Maureen of Bliss Hippy! Maureen’s just back from a trip to India and you get to hear about her adventure. You also get to hear several great original tunes from the duo, including a special request from Levan Guinn of Gehlert & Guinn.

We’ve got plenty of excellent musical side dishes to go along with the Bliss Hippy entree:

  • Dave & Dyno with the Roadkill Orchestra
  • The Maness Brothers
  • Down Side Up
  • Ball Gag n’ Chain Gang
  • Collin Nash
  • Michael Connors
  • DANK
  • The Maybes
  • Mayden
  • Dinsdale
  • Tha Heatseekaz
  • and Erik Smallwood

We also heard some great old tunes by BTO during Nick’s Pics!


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