Show #225 with Dave & Dyno with the Roadkill Orchestra!

Dave & Dyno with the Roadkill Orchestra with Nick & Bootsy

Rob Lampe; Heather Marlene Wilson; Dyno Penny; David Dearnley; Joshua Wrong; Bootsy and Nick

On Show #225: It’s Dave & Dyno with the Roadkill Orchestra. They were scheduled back in January and the weather didn’t cooperate, but it’s a beautiful day for a road trip to the Basement on February 8. Yep, it’s another fun show with our special guests: David Dearnley; Dyno Penny; Heather Marlene Wilson; Joshua Wrong and Robert Lampe!

We’ve also got tuneage from:

  • Philip Morgan Lewis
  • The Ty Curtis Band
  • Root Doctor
  • Double Dee
  • Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
  • Tess McManus
  • Chuck Knapp AKA Eric Roberts (our guitar player from Diezelfitter)
  • Andrew Stratman & The Dirty Midwest
  • Bob Rylett Music
  • Gehlert & Guinn
  • Drumagick
  • Secret Lie
  • The Dead Reds
  • and always somethings from Nick Thomas Blues

This week’s Nick’s Pics are from UFO’s 1977 album, Lights Out

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