Show #221 with Gehlert & Guinn

It's always a good time in the Basement with Gehlert & Guinn1

It’s always a good time in the Basement with Gehlert & Guinn1

We’re always happy to have Gehlert & Guinn in the basement with us (especially when they bring LeVaura) and tonight is no exception. We can’t think of anybody better to help us kick off 2015 than these guys. Check out the setlist in the order we played it below:

Nick picked some great tunes from David Lee Roth. You can see/hear them on YouTube!

Start the year off right – In the Basement with Nick & Bootsy!

NOTE: Some nights bring more technical issues than others, usually due to a short between the headsets, but we hope you forgive us. After all, we DO continue to bring you the best music from local, independent musicians from everywhere, because everyone is local to somewhere! The actual show recording started after the interview with Gehlert & Guinn was already underway, but luckily for Bootsy, she had been recording the live performance on her camera and was able to salvage the audio from the video so that you can still hear them perform the first two songs that weren’t on the show recording!


  1. Rick and Levan were the very first guests we had in the Basement back in 2011. Just like Nick & Bootsy, they’re aging like fine wine! ~Bootsy

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