Show #220 with Untamed

Untamed in the Basement with Nick & Bootsy

Greg “the Animal” Ritz, KC Lee; Jerald Turbeville, Jimmy “Badboy” Gordon and Steve Ritz with Nick and Bootsy

Yep, we’re ending up 2014 with Rolla’s Finest 80’s Hair Band Tribute, Untamed on Show #220! We’re also going to play tunes from some of the bands we’ve actually gotten to see LIVE this past year:

We didn’t get to include everybody, but listen to the podcast and you’ll hear us shouting out to¬†other bands we got to see live during 2014!

Nick also remembers Joe Cocker, who passed away at age 70 on December 22 this year, during Nick’s Pick on Show #220 with special guests, Untamed:

Cry Me a River

You can Leave Your Hat On (from 9-1/2 Weeks)

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