Show #204 with Lost in Eden

On Show #204, originally aired on K-KID 92.9fm in Rolla, Missouri, Nick and Bootsy have a  phone chat with Keith Wheatley, lead vocals/guitar for Lost In Eden, an independent band from Louisville, KY.

Also on Show #204, recorded music by:


  • Begin at Zero
  • Molotov Latte
  • Strangefellas
  • Dark Beauty
  • Wily Bo Walker & Karena K
  • Stone River
  • Old Money (Bootsy’s Band of the Week from Nebraska)
  • Loretta Red w/Eric Metz (Bootsy’s Band of the Week from the Vault
  • The Third Suns
  • Mindset X
  • Fruit n Beef
  • Jason Lindsey Band
  • Dave & Dyno with the Roadkill Orchestra
  • Baïki


Nick’s Picks this week features tunes from Kid Rock. If you missed the live show, you can still enjoy it by listening to he podcast RIGHT HERE!

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