Show #203 with Jason & BC of Don’t Mind Dying

Jason and BC of Don't Mind Dying with Nick & Bootsy

Jason and BC of Don’t Mind Dying with Nick & Bootsy

Joining Nick & Bootsy on Show #203 –  Jason Caton and BC Brian Craig of Don’t Mind Dying from Columbia. We’ll be hearing some acoustic originals LIVE from one of our favorite blues bands AND we’ll be playing some BRAND NEW RECORDEDTUNES from:



As announced on K-KID’s Saturday night live show,  The Living Room Chair show with Dusty, Nick will be playing a couple of tunes from This Is Spinal Tap. We’ve also got a couple of VERY special guests from St. Louis hanging out with us, but that’s a surprise! Tune us in on KKID 92.9fm at 7pm every Sunday night at 7pm Central time and if you’re not in our listening area, listen to the podcast! Turn us up and ROCK OUT!


  1. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally had Jason & BC of Don’t Mind Dying LIVE in the Basement. We wish the rest of the band was able to make it but life happens! Hopefully, we’ll have ALL of the member on a show in the near future. Thanks to Jason and BC for hanging out with us. ~Nick & Bootsy

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