Show #200 – Nick & Bootsy salute Missouri homegrown music!

Show #200 with Cody Wood and David Bergman

David Bergman, Bootsy, Nick and Cody Wood. Our first Basement Tapes selfie!

Nick & Bootsy salute the amazingly talented bands/musicians from their home state of Missouri during Show #200. Also on hand the help celebrate: Cody Wood and David Bergman of The Third Suns and SinnerSaved. With so much wonderful music to choose from, we finally ended up picking songs from:

  • Riverside (Sullivan)
  • Andrew Stratman and Jason Adamns (Rolla)
  • Alice Sweet Alice (Kansas City)
  • Chris Keehn and Tully Bowen (St. James and Rolla)
  • The Stone Sugar Shakedown (St. Louis)
  • Under Red (Eldon)
  • The Invisible World (Kansas City)
  • Madora (Linn)
  • Moon jr (Rolla)
  • Michael “Blindcat” McIntire (Eminence)
  • The Faretheewells (Ellington)
  • The Many Colored Death (Columbia)
  • Don’t Mind Dying (Columbia)
  • The Cracked Coconuts (Salem)
  • Dr. Moozer (Salem)
  • Miles from Nowhere (Plato)
  • Driving Wheel (Columbia)

Nick’s Picks are also from Missouri: The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. During Bootsy’s Bands, we played tunes from the only non-Missouri bands of the show who all hail from Canada:

  • Stone River
  • 24th Street Wailers
  • Swamp Music Players

We know we missed SO many awesome bands from Missouri and we promise to play tunes from as many as we can squeeze into future shows. Thanks for supporting your local, independent musicians from everywhere, because everybody is local to somewhere!



  1. What a fun show! Thanks to Cody and David for helping us celebrate (and thanks to David for the cookies!) ~Bootsy

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