Show #196 – Who’s on the phone with Nick & Bootsy? Blindcat AND The Invisible World!

Blindcat and The Invisible World on Show #196We’ve got a double-header on the phone tonight! We’ll be talking to Blindcat about his new release, St. Louie Boogie AND we’ll also be talking to Jesse, Bryce, Brandon & John of The Invisible World to hear about last night’s kickoff of Saturday Night Live at C&M. WE had a blast and we’ll hear about how it was for them as a band. We’re also playing songs from:

We’ve also got a special announcement – The original members of Riverside from Sullivan, Missouri: Brad Keen, Matt Keen, Tom Bartle and Tim Cunningham are together again. They had their first public performance as a band at the Cuba Fair and we can’t WAIT to see where they’ll be playing next (the Basement maybe??????)

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