Show #188 – The Third Suns from Rolla and a surprise visit from Levan & LeVaura

Nick & Bootsy with Cody & Ty of The Third Suns

Nick, Cody Wood, Bootsy & Ty Brinlee

On episode #188 of the Basement Tapes:  The Third Suns dropped in to entertain us with some of their live acoustic originals! Besides having Cody & Ty from The Third Suns in the basement to catch us up on what the band will be doing this summer, Levan & LeVaura dropped by. Levan is 1/2 of Gehlert & Guinn and 1/4th of Branded Desperados. LeVaura had a Big Lots attack, so they were in town doing some shopping. You’ll also hear tunes from:

We also played a Loggins & Messina tune by call-in request during the show from Anne. Be sure you listen until the VERY END to hear a special song Bootsy picked out!

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