Show #176 – The Bullshed Never Stops in the Basement with Nick & Bootsy

BullshedThis week, on the Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy, we chat with Andy, lead vocalist from St. Louis band, Bullshed. We’ll also be playing some old and some new tunes from:

Find out who Nick’s picked for this week’s show and which of the bands we’ve mentioned are Bootsy’s Bands of the week by turning on the radio and listening now – and turn it up LOUD!!


  1. That song was written by Levan Guinn of Gehlert & Guinn/Branded Desperados and is performed by Levan and Rick Gehlert. They’re from Belle. Rick also wrote and performs the Basement Tapes exit song. You can check them out on Facebook at

  2. Who sings mexican columbian mix

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