Saturday Night Live at C&M presents Anemic-Heretic

Introducing, from Salem, Missouri: Anemic-Heretic

“We are not thrash metal, death metal, black metal or  industrial metal. We are heavy metal! We are ready to convert you to become heretics!”

Formed in 2006, Anemic-Heretic features:

  • Jason Lewis, vocals/lyrics/crazy man
  • Scott Smith,  guitar
  • Paul Pearman,  bass
  • John Strahl, drums (joined in 2014)

A-H describes their music as

“an eclectic style of heavy metal, blues, jazz, classic rock, everytype of music we have ever listened to”

Early in 2014, they recorded a 3 song demo called Chemical Tomb at The Music Core Studios in Columbia, Mo.  The original demo plus 4 acoustic songs (for a total of 7 songs) is available for the small price of $5.00 from the band via their Facebook page or by e-mail. My guess is that they just might have some available for sale during Saturday Night Live at C&M!Anemic Heretic

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