Nathan Matlock of Breaching Autumn Goes on Tour with Vino Alan

Nathan Matlock

Nathan Matlock

There will be a Farewell  bash for Nathan Matlock of Breaching Autumn on Sunday, June 30 at Fat Cats Entertainment Complex in Rolla, MO. Head on out and have a final drink with Nathan and listen to some awesome jams, including a solo acoustic set by Nathan and another acoustic set with the band, Breaching Autumn!! Nathan is leaving to tour the world with Vino Alan and will be gone for the next year, so don’t miss this opportunity to hear him live and wish him luck over the next year.

Nathan has been live in the basement with Nick and Bootsy on several occasions and we wish him the best. Hey, Nathan, we hope you’ll come hang out with us when you get home!


  1. My god I remember this! I wonder what would have happened if that would have never came about. I wonder where we might be now. Sure do miss u guys and wish there could have been more great music and fun to be had.

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