June 30, 2013 – Red Velvet Crush of KCMO on the line with Nick & Bootsy

Red Velvet CrushHot off the release of their first EP, Smoke & Mirrors, Red Velvet Crush has lots to share with the Basement Tapes audience. Started by like minded musicians, Jillian Riscoe and Daniel Mendala, the band has come a long way. According to their bio on Facebook, Red Velvet Crush is

“Pushing the limits, beyond the highest expectations and a passion for turning dreams into reality. Red Velvet Crush tells the chapters of courage, motivation and of making choices to make a change, for the better. Realizing what you know and what you dream to create the life you desire, the person you aspire to be; Red Velvet Crush is living the story through songs and stages.”

Red Velvet Crush is:

  • Jillian Riscoe – Vocals
  • Daniel Mendala – Lead Guitar
  • Josh Colburn – Rhythm Guitar/Keys – Synth/BG Vocals
  • Bill Wald – Bass/BG Vocals
  • Kelsey Cook – Drums

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