June 23, 2013 – Brandi and the boys of Miles from Nowhere join Nick & Bootsy

Miles from NowhereIt’s been over a year since we had Brandi and the boys in the station with us, and it’s been toooooo loooooong! ┬áThe lineup has changed a bit, but the rustic roots sound from the band hasn’t. We’re looking forward to catching up with them and hearing about their busy performance schedule. MFN was recently a top contender in the Rising Star Contest and although they didn’t make it all the way, they make it to the Top Ten. You can be sure it’s going to be a musical good time, so tune in at 7pm on K-KID 92.9fm this Sunday, June 23rd for The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy! If you’re outside our listening area, you can catch the rebroadcast on Insane Realm Radio on Thursday, June 27, also at 7pm. Central, 8pm Eastern.


  1. Brandi has a gorgeous voice and the harmonies between all of the band members were tight. We recorded with no special effects, straight from the headphones and the result was better than a lot of produced stuff I’ve heard. As always, it was great fun and I just wish we’d gone to Maid Rite with the band after the show….~Bootsy

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