It’s an ALL REQUEST night in the Basement with Nick & Bootsy!

All request night on The Basement Tapes with Nick & BootsyWe enjoy every chance we get to sit in the studio with some of the GREATEST local, independent bands anywhere. We love the “private” show we get from these talented bands and musicians when they grab their acoustic (and sometimes non-acoustic) instruments and serenade us with their original tunes. We know you guys and gals love it, too! Soooooooo……why do an all request show without having a special guest?

Here in the Basement, we get so much wonderful music from so many gifted bands and musicians that we just don’t seem to ┬áhave time to play it all, even though we’d love to. We also know that you’ve heard a band or musician (or two or twenty) that you especially like but then didn’t hear them again for a long time. That’s why we want to give you the chance to request your favorites. Hey, we’ll even take requests for independent bands that we haven’t played on the show.

Just leave your requests (or requests) for your favorite independent band and we’ll pick out a song from them and add it to our playlist next Sunday, May 19. If you have a song you’d like for Nick to add to his list of Nick’s Picks, you can request that here, too!

~Nick & Bootsy


  1. Last night we played songs by: Arrison Kirby; Begin at Zero; Madora; Mike Dean; Monica Dupont; MT Robison and the Messengers; Red Velvet Crush; The 24th Street Wailers; The Guys from Buddy Green; The Space Sharks; Trash Angels and URN. Nick’s Picks came from Eric Clapton. As always, it was a fun show with Nick & Bootsy on the radio!

  2. could you play something from Mike Dean

  3. Love this page you guys

  4. If you haven’t already found The Mumlers, give them a play

    • We have played The Mumlers on the show before, RJ, and we’ll be happy to choose a tune for airplay this coming Sunday night! Thanks for the suggestion. ~Nick & Bootsy

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