Don Danger Jon explores some California Bluegrass from The Budrows

The BudrowsThe Budrows are a California based foot stompin old timey and rootsy-bluesy Americana band with a self-titled album out this year. So many good things to say about a band that can go out there with cigar box guitars, washboard percussion and the prescience to keep it fresh by having a spirited charismatic lead vocalist such as Macarena Rivera. The raw instruments and sounds, the heavy kick and the deeply countrified vocals give this record a memorable cowpunk vibe rather than just any ole hick schtick.

I got to review the Vinyl and its a beautiful coloured green LP and I’m glad I got a chance to hear it this way. The fidelity and that organic vinyl sound combining with the raw natural instrumentation of the recording make for an earthy experience. The A-side is raucous hillbilly roots rock and searing bluesy harp adventure with tracks like “Mountain Side” and “Blood, Guts, & Gasoline” as the best examples. The A-side has lots of attitude especially when Macarena is leading the charge with heavy Americana Blues on tracks like “Chains”. The B-side changes gears a bit with a lighter hearted “Riding On the Traintracks” with a lead kazoo and the honey dripped sentimentally of “Young Girl” is dreamy but such a departure I’m not sure it belongs on the album. “Bees and Honey” has almost Turkish carnival vibe to my ear but somehow it works. “Campfire Song” is the only song that approaches parody with a singing cowboy instrumental that would fit with a Tex Ritter musical.

I was a bit hesitant to really embrace this album as I am not a fan of Bluegrass and I got that kind of vibe from the artwork and presentation but it really won me over (regardless of what degree Bluegrass figures into their influences). There was enough Rock, spite and Bluesy goodness to win my affections. The Budrows self-titled album stands up to repeat listening. Having the vinyl to listen to magnified the experience and this probably the way this album is meant to be heard but you can still find them on iTunes and CDbaby if you cannot track down their limited edition pressing.

About Don Danger Jon

Don Danger Jon is a former intercontinental merchant adventurer and Eastern European art book dealer who tumbled down into the beige hades of office work in his native Canada. A twist or two of fate and he is now rising as a music promoter, lyricist, graphic novel author and occasional onstage Blues hypeman for the band he manages "Swamp Music Players". Formative years in the austere rural enclave of Neebing County gave a young Don Jon a thirst for the world beyond his snowbound confines. With a diet of old Chess records and TV crackling with old American movies by Elwy Yost his only respite. Sleepy Vancouver Island is his home now where he works on promoting deserving artists locally and internationally.From the Eastern bloc to the Victoria open jam down the block Don Jon has seen a few adventures but not as many as enjoyable as the potential of music!

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