All the way from Toronto – It’s the 24th Street Wailers on the phone with Nick & Bootsy!

The 24th Street Wailers from Toronto, Canada

Lindsay Beaver (drums/vocals), Michael Archer (bass),Emily Burgess (lead guitar) and Jon Wong (saxophone) at the Sunbanks Blues Fest

If you’ve followed Nick & Bootsy for any amount of time at all, you know our heart is in the Blues. Back on 2008, we formed Diezelfitter to play the music we love, and we’re still doing it!

This Sunday, May 26, one of the hottest blues makers around will be chatting with us on the phone: The 24th Street Wailers from Toronto, Canada. We first played Emily, Lindsay, Michael and Jonny in January of 2013 and wondered why we hadn’t discovered them sooner. I’ll let them tell you about the band (via their Facebook page):

“The 24th Street Wailers are a band that break all the rules. Lindsay Beaver is a firehaired gut bucket singer/drummer who fronts the band, who at first glance are anything but the norm. Emily Burgess on lead guitar may appear to be shy however her playing is both thoughtful and explosive. Saxophonist Jon Wong is a second generation Chinese Canadian who is a modern day version of a 50’s Rock n’ Roller. Rounding out the group is Lindsay’s Husband Michael Archer, a country boy at heart that turns his Harmony bass into a sound so big you’ll feel it in your soul. They truly are one of the most original and exciting bands on the scene today, the quartet quickly developed their tight grooves, unadulterated live show, and original repertoire in the three years they have been together. With their 2010 debut album Dirty Little Young’uns reaching #3 (CAN) and #8 (US) on the Roots Music Report and a smashing sophomore CD in 2012 titled Unshakeable, the band is gaining widespread national and international radio play.”

The Wailers just returned from a tour in America and we can’t wait to hear how it went. We’re just hoping they include St. Louis on their next US of A road trip!

Nick & Bootsy


  1. We also had a special visitor in the station with us tonight: DJ Bob of the Midwest Waken Show on Insane Realm Radio! We also played music by: Michael “Blindcat” McIntire; Driving Wheel; Grown Up Avenger Stuff; Mary Jane’s Pride; Mick Byrd; Moon jr; Overnight Collides; Timbo Middaugh, Tommy’s Gun and Nick’s Picks featured music from The Traveling Wilburys!

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